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Happy New Year! Boy I tell ya, as cliche as it sounds, my type A personality just looooooooves the fresh start of a new year. I so much adore the idea of a brand spanking new beginning. I love using my new planner, I love making new lists, cleaning and organizing.

So what are we organizing today? Our makeup! Fun, fun, fun! 

Brief rundown: Before I got married and moved out, in my old room, I transformed one of my dresser drawers into a huge makeup drawer with acrylic trays that allowed me to see and use everything at hand. In my new apartment, I hadn't really found a permanent place for my makeup and it's been kind of.....everywhere! I am completely in love with the acrylic beauty boxes everyone has. While they are beautiful, they're quite expensive.

I have had my eye on the "build your own" acrylic boxes (actual item name: "Luxe Acrylic Modular System") from the Container Store and I said guess what....I got some Christmas loot floating around in my pocket, it's time to get this makeup mess together and I'm gonna do it! (Half the price - HELLO?!) So I did it. 

This has made me so happy. I am so pleased with the outcome. What a relief to have my everyday items all in once place again, displayed attractively and clearly seen. I didn't make it very big or it would overtake my desk where it sits. I built a good size for the things I use most often and whatever didn't fit in the cube, I kept in a drawer. This is what makes the difference (for me, anyway) between the other lucite boxes and the ones from the container store. You can customize it to what you need according to the items and spacing you have. You can also control the price! Saving our pennies in 2015, girls!

Here are some pictures I took when I was done filling it. Some are with flash, some without.

If you like this item, I will link below all of your options for acrylic and lucite makeup organizers because there are so many different companies and prices to choose from.
This particular system worked for me, but everyone is different! It doesn't matter what you choose or how much you spend - as long as you keep your resolution to yourself to get organized or clean up a mess you've been putting off.......I figured it would be more fun if we did it together!  ;-)

I hope we all make this our best year yet. 

Here's to new beginnings.....and finding our lipstick! 

 - V.V.


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